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Here we go, When Saturn transit to the 8th house from the Natal Moon Sign or Rashi , it is known as Ashtama Shani. During this period Saturn and Moon will be in (6/8) Shashta ashtaka position.

The word “Ashtama” indicates the number “8”. The placement of Shani in the 8th house is called as “Ashtama Shani” (or) Shani in the 8th house. In the Vedic Astrology, the Shani is considered as the “Lord of Life Longevity” @ the Lord that defines the life span of the natives.

Ashtama Shani

Similarly, the 8th house is considered as the “House of Life Longevity” or comfort or insult or danger,etc. You can say according to astrology, the 8th house denotes inauspicious and brings ill luck to the people.

The Shani bhagwan or “Sani” owns the 9th and the 10th house for the Rishaba Rasi (Taurus Sign) natives). Both the 9th house (House of Blessings) and the 10th house (House of Profession) is considered as good, auspicious to the Rishaba Rasi (Taurus Sign) natives @ the Shani assumes the role of “House Lord of Blessings” and “House Lord of Profession”.

But the 9th house has another role to play and it already posses the title of “Pathaga Sthana” (Pathagam in sanskrit means “House of Collateral Damages”). 

Hence, by owning the 9th house Shani adds another title to its role of “House Lord of Blessings” @ the Shani would also don the title of “House Lord of Collateral Damages”.

So, the Shani is capable to bless the natives and also capable of creating collateral damages through the blessings

Generally Ashtama Sani will give health issues and mental stress. But it depends on what is the Saturn’s strength is in the horoscope and as well as how many points it have in the astavargha(8th sign from Moon). If the astarvargha points are higher, then negative effects will not happen.

You may develop some doubts over this facts. Let me, explain this with some examples below.

Situations in Ashtama Shani

Imagine a person got a job to go abroad either for work/immigration. This is an beneficial event. Soon after landing in alien nation, if he/she faces serious health issues, then the joy of residing in a foreign country would be entirely wiped out.

Imagine a person lands a high paying top job in a MNC. This is a major career boost for that individual. If he/she is compelled to work in a hostile (or) dangerous environment (office politics, work pressures, etc) and the person faces any mental/physical/sexual issues. Then, the positive things that he got will be neutralized by the negative things happening at work.

Imagine a boy/girl is getting married (or) develop relationship with a beautiful boy/girl. It is a positive event and gain in the life. If the beautiful partner creates issues (or) havoc in the life of the native, then it is a “gain dipped in sorrows”.

Effects of Ashtama Shani

It should be remembered that the results of a transit planet cannot take precedence over those promised in the birth chart whether it is good or bad.

Coming to ashtama shani,the general results are financial losses,one may face many obstructions and difficulties. General suffering of children.But this is also the period of settlement in life,choosing a career.

Remedies for Ashtama Shani
  • Recite Maha-Mritunjaya daily yourself. (Even if you recite one mala or less).
  • Read 3rd Anuvakyam of Rudram Chamakam daily 11 times facing towards east.
  • Donate Black Til, Black Urad (pulse), Black Cloth, Mustard oil on Saturdays in morning or in evening. (not during afternoon)
  • Recite 2 lamps on saturday in mustard oil (one near peepal tree and the other one in front of Shani Dev). This should be done in temple and not at home.
  • Offer water to peepal tree on Saturdays.

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