Top 10 Truck Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

So are you looking for the best truck accident attorney in Los Angeles?

Your search for the top truck accident attorney in Los Angeles ends here.

So is your truck met with an accident? Some of the best truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles are listed in this section.

So why do truck accidents happen? What could be underlying causes for those accidents?

Some of the most commonly used commercial trucks are big rigs and delivery trucks which present unique dangers to smaller vehicles and their passengers.

The drivers of these big trucks not only have to be aware of the dangers of their large and unwieldy vehicles, but they also have to take into account the lives of other truck drivers.

We will see some of the commonly pointed reasons:

  1. Driving the trucks in No Zone or driving in no visibility areas 
  2. Not complying and following the traffic signals
  3. Misjudging the quality of roads 
  4. Poor maintenance of vehicles 
  5. Over speeding and not adjusting with fellow truck drivers 
  6. Poor road driving sense especially speeding the vehicle near curves and overtaking fellow trucks 
  7. Halting or pulling over the vehicle near heavy traffic areas 
  8. Driving during terrible weather conditions especially during rains and snow

How Driver Causes Truck Accidents? And Why you need truck accidents attorneys?

Most of the causes of truck accidents are from driver.

We will list out some of the driver causes of truck accidents:

Driver Fatigue. Truck drivers needs rest often and they are not supposed to drive long hours, but many give away sleep. Sleeplessness and fatigue of the drivers are some of the high causes of commercial truck accidents.

Substance Abuse. Many truck drivers turn to weeds, alcohol and other drugs to cope with their lifestyle and its work demands. Sadly, this also leads to deadly crashes despite the laws regulating abuse.

Speeding and Reckless Driving. Not obeying state traffic rules and reckless driving are paramount causes of most major truck accidents

Records Falsification. Most of the drivers of trucks that encountered accidents have their records fabricated. They fudge their log books and many do not renew license for driving heavy duty vehicles nor have valid licenses.

Please find below some the best truck accident attorney in Los Angeles. The given list is in no specific order.

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